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Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Those Who Don’t Know Where To Start

Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When your friend first shares the news that they’re about to become a parent, it’s excitement and joy all round. Until you have to find a baby shower gift for them… a daunting task even if you’ve had a baby or been to a bunch of showers recently.

Obviously it’s made much easier if the parents have a gift registry. If there isn’t one or you don’t see anything appropriate price/gift type wise for you, there is no rule that says you have to stick to the registry.


So here are eight unique baby shower gift ideas that new mums likely need and certainly will love! Happy shopping!


  1. A photography session — this is something they’ll love and probably not have time to organise. Those first weeks with baby go by in a heartbeat. Great photos will help the new proud parents preserve this precious time for eternity.

  2. A food subscription for those first few postpartum weeks - The new parents will likely be too occupied and exhausted to cook and many postpartum meal plans offer the perfect level of nourishment to support a new mum’s recovery and milk supply.

  3. A mobile massage for the new mum - Believe it or not, the one person who’s often left out at a baby shower is the mum-to-be. Organise a masseuse to pamper mum in a peaceful room in her own home so she doesn’t have to leave the baby. If you’re going for bonus points — you can offer to watch baby whilst mum is treated.

  4. Postpartum Recovery Care Bundle by Noonie - amazing for all mums, especially first time mums who aren’t often informed or prepared for the physical recovery post birth. This bundle has a natural cleanse and soothe perineal spray and clever maternity pads with integrated cooling to heal those tender areas and speed up postpartum recovery.

  5. A cleaning service - or an IOU cleaning coupon! Babies are more notorious than diva celebrities when it comes to outfit changes. A newborn can go through 4 different onesies in a day, along with bibs and burp cloths, swaddles, socks, you name it — it needs washing! Arranging for an hour or two of help around the house takes a lot of pressure and stress from a new mum’s mind.

  6. A hair appointment - Back to pampering mum, here’s something that will help her feel fresh and give her that boost in confidence. A wash and dry can make the biggest difference for a new mum — and surprisingly many babies are happy to snooze through the soothing sound of blow dryers creating magic.

  7. A portable phone charger - If you’re looking for something unique and your friend is phone obsessed, a tech option may be the gift that she appreciates. A thoughtful option for when she’s frozen with her sleeping baby on her and only has her phone for company. There are so many options now for portable chargers to save mum from a depleted mobile at inopportune times. 

  8. Wireless headphones - Another tech winner. Wireless is a game changer when mum needs to keep baby from tangling with unwelcome chords. Hello multitasking with podcasts or sneaky Beyonce dance moments!