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None of our Noonie products have been tested on animals - all are 100% cruelty free and vegan.

All of the Noonie products are made with natural ingredients safe for sensitive skin.

Noonie is proudly Australian owned and all our products are designed in Australia. Our Soothe and Cleanse Spray is made right here in Australia!

We decided not to use fragrances or essential oils in our products, since we want to make sure that our Spray and Padsicle can be used in the most sensitive areas (hello, noonie). Our products have been tested for use on sensitive skin and are anti-inflammatory in nature.

Our Products

Yes of course! Our Noonie Padsicles are made with organic cotton to make recovery from birth that little bit more comfortable. Our Padsicles are breathable and made with organic cotton. We recommend ditching the synthetics and wearing cotton underwear that aren’t too snug.

  • Before unwrapping the pad from its lining, position both of your thumbs on top of the pad "squeeze" sticker
  • Feel the air bubble between your thumbs
  • Squeeze hard 
  • You should start feeling the cooling effect within a few seconds of popping
  • Give it an extra squeeze or shake if need be
  • Unwrap the pad from it’s lining and peel off the adhesive strips
  • Place inside your undies and enjoy some relief!

You would immediately look to cool a burn or swollen injury, right? Well, it's the same for your noonie after birth. Whilst birth doesn’t have to be as agonising as in the movies, it isn’t uncommon to tear slightly or require stitches, or for the area to swell from the pressure of bringing baby earthside. Noonie Padsicles not only absorb lochia, but offer cooling relief to reduce inflammation.

Nope! We want your focus during postpartum to be on your health and recovery, and your beautiful new bub. Our Padsicles are instant - just squeeze the pad until you hear a pop and watch as they magically cool in the centre.

Definitely not. Like regular pads, our Padsicles absorb the lochia (blood, mucus, lining) that naturally occurs after birth, so they need to be disposed of after use. The cooling component is also single use and cannot be cooled again once used.

Witch Hazel, as an astringent, contains tannins which are drying to skin. Dry contracted skin is not what we want when we are recovering. In addition to that - most Witch Hazel products contain alcohol which is irritating to skin and disruptive to the PH balance of your noonie.

    Tasmanian Pepperberry plant or Tasmannia Lanceolata is a native Australian fruiting plant. The pepperberries and their leaves contain anti-inflammatory agents and have been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal people for medicinal purposes.

    Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, antimicrobial properties; the Tasmanian Pepperberry extract makes Noonie’s Soothe and Cleanse Spray a powerful aid to ease postpartum discomfort after childbirth.

    Of course! Since the Noonie Soothe and Cleanse Spray was designed for use down below, we made sure it sprays perfectly from every angle.

    100% recyclable PET. We want to leave a positive stamp on the environment for our Noonie Babies to grow up in. We chose to use PET over glass bottles because they are used mostly upside down and we absolutely don’t want any glass breaking on the floor during what should be a restful time.

    It’s super simple - just take the protective cap off the spray, spray it over the areas you want to be cleaned, then rinse and gently pat or air dry. It will not only soothe and cool but also cleanse desired areas without any rubbing or scrubbing needed.

    In those early days after birth when you’re feeling tender and also needing to keep your noonie clean for proper healing. Keep the bottle if there’s leftovers though - it’s also perfect for when you have your period, or any other noonie troubles. You can use it on your bub and family for any minor injuries (it’s especially wonderful on sunburn or skin rashes!).

    The Noonie perineal spray is stable up to 40°C, that means it does not need to be kept in the refrigerator or beauty fridge. Feel free to store in your bathroom or shower at home, or your bag when you are outdoors without worrying about the spray losing its efficacy.

    Shipping & Payment

    You should receive a confirmation email after purchase including a tracking link for you to follow your order’s journey. If you didn’t get a confirmation email, please check your junk folder and otherwise email and we will track (punny) it down for you!

    Once you receive a dispatch email, we are unable to cancel your order as it will have left our fulfilment centre. Please contact

    Yes, of course! Our mission is to improve the maternity and postpartum experience of mamas everywhere.

    You can pay with your credit card or debit card using our online payment processor. We also accept paypal.

    Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

    If you change your mind right after you’ve placed your order, then you can get in touch with us and if we haven’t shipped your products out, there is a chance for cancellation. As soon as the item has been processed for fulfilment, cancellation will not be possible.

    We want to make sure that you love our products, because we worked super duper hard developing them for you. If you receive an item that is damaged or in some way faulty, do get in touch with us as soon as you receive it. We do not accept returns, but we will find a solution to get you the right product.

    As much as we would love to, we do not offer exchanges. The reason for this is that we sell hygiene products and we can not guarantee health standards to be kept once an item has been with a customer.


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