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Who We Are

Noonie is a unique maternity care brand founded in Australia for mums.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving mothers’ childbirth experience thanks to the most caring and innovative postpartum recovery products in the market. 


Our Promise

We focus so much on the 9 months that a mother carries her child. 

Neither the physical, emotional or mental challenges that come with pregnancy magically vanish when a baby is born. The recovery is often more challenging for mothers to face. Not only Mum’s focus is now her baby, but most of her support network is likely also shifted to the baby.

At Noonie, our mission is to support Mums’ recovery with the highest quality ingredients and materials so Mums can bond with their babies and enjoy their new journey into motherhood.


Our Products

Developed with love in Australia, our breakthrough products are much-needed upgrades on postpartum recovery and comfort:


The Cooling Padsicles:

Our cooling “padsicles”/ instant cooling maternity pads, were born from the realisation Mums’ postpartum recovery was overlooked, with Mums relying on old-fashion do-it-yourself unhygienic and soggy frozen maternity pads. With its instant cooling technology, our padsicles offer instant relief and hygienic protection.


The Cleanse and Soothe Perineal Spray:

The padsicle was then followed up by the creation of a complementary non-touch soothing and cleansing perineal spray. With Tasmanian Pepperberry as the hero ingredient, this spray is perfect to reduce inflammation and keep Mums’ most sensitive areas clean as they heal from birth.