Our Story

Noonie is a unique maternity care brand founded in Australia for mums by Alana Nolan. The company is dedicated to improving the maternity experience and innovating postpartum recovery for women everywhere. Developed with love in Australia, our breakthrough products are much-needed upgrades on postpartum recovery and comfort.

The idea for the first invention and core product came when Alana’s friend was preparing for the birth of her first baby girl and required functional and hygienic cooling maternity pads post delivery.Alana was unsatisfied with the old-fashioned DIY "padsicles" but couldn't find any viable alternatives (after searching every corner of the web!). Refusing to let her friend use unhygienic and soggy padsicles, Alana made the first noonie pad with integrated cooling.

Sensing that the new mums demographic is perennially overlooked and underserved, the Pad soon went from a home experiment to a commercial purpose addressing a global challenge. Together with her co-Founder, they began creating original postpartum recovery solutions.

Through a miraculous discovery from the Australian bush, the Padsicle was followed up by the creation of a complementary non-touch soothing and cleansing perineal spray.

The start of Noonie’s journey coincided with the Australian bushfires catastrophe and the COVID19 pandemic. With a lot of support from our advisors and investors, the team has pushed through the challenges and the almost literal baptism of fire. Everyone at Noonie feels confident about the purpose and the mission is to continue developing novel, functional and beautiful recovery solutions for moms all around the world.

Why Postpartum?

We focus so much on the 9 months that a mother carries her child. Neither the physical, emotional nor mental challenges that come with pregnancy magically vanish when a baby is born. In fact the recovery (lasting on average 3-6 months - but arguably continues forever) is often more challenging for mothers to face. Not only is her focus now her baby, the focus of most of her support network is likely also shifted to the baby.

The first three months after birth are referred to as the postpartum period. A time that ideally is filled with rest, nourishment, bonding with baby and preserving energy for your physical recovery as well as your baby's needs. Our mission is to take postpartum recovery beyond "normalised"; to a place where it's encouraged and supported; to be enjoyed by all our deserving mothers.

Noonie Founder, Alana Nolan

We source the highest quality materials and ingredients to create perfect simple products to support your recovery.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We’re a brand focused on caring for mothers during their journey into motherhood. Our mothers are focused on bringing up the future generation of our planet. Sustainability is important to our customers and it is important to us.

We want to be open & honest always when it comes to running a sustainable & eco friendly business. We’re committed to continuously reviewing our materials, packaging and logistics to minimise our impact on the environment.

The sustainability objectives we’re working towards are:

  • Entirely recycled and recyclable materials
  • Net zero impact for our logistics - getting materials to us, and products to you!
  • Social investment - we are committed to supporting women in contributing to their communities and families; as well as taking steps to protect our environment for the #nooniebabies of the world