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Postpartum 101: Everything you need to know before you give birth

Postpartum Recovery 101

Why everyone is obsessing over the fourth trimester

After 9 months of growing a human, and going through all the bodily changes that women experience; there is still another 3 months of change and growth to go! It’s referred to as postpartum, or the fourth trimester.

What do I need to know?

Well, firstly you’ll need to rest as much as you can for the first 6 weeks. Your priorities should be self-care and caring for your new bub and not a lot else! If you have a vaginal delivery, you may feel tender and sore for a while. Peeing and pooping may be a little scary and a little uncomfortable but we have lots of tips and remedies to help keep your bits clean and cool during recovery.


Noonie postpartum recovery kit 

Our postpartum recovery Bundle Kit was specially developed to support postpartum recovery immediately after birth!



Healthy Mother, Healthy Child

It is clear that healthy mothers are more likely to birth healthy babies. Adequate nutrition is so important for maintaining a calm nervous system, strong immunity and a great milk supply — so you’ll probably want to prepare some nourishing meals to freeze before baby arrives!

postpartum 101


Postpartum Recovery & Health

When you research postpartum health, the focus is typically on postnatal depression. While postnatal depression is serious and deserves broad discussion, it is important that mothers are also educated about ways to regain and retain optimal health.