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Q&A With The Memo

Q&A With The Memo

In this special Q&A, we interview Kate and Phoebe, co-founders of The Memo. Their website is a curated collection of the most loved and trusted baby brands including Noonie! We asked Kate and Phoebe about how the memo came to be as well as useful tips for mums-to-be. 

Kate and Phoebe from the Memo 

How did the Memo come about and what do you think is the most magical thing about it? 

Phoebe: It was Kate’s idea, born from her own experience. When she was pregnant, her friend shared a list that had been circulating amongst their friends. This list shared everything an expectant parent needed for life with a newborn, but was also very clear that there were a lot of things that weren’t needed (cue, wipe warmers!). But there was no one place or a trusted resource that would serve up only the best. When Kate told me about her idea to create a credible retail destination that overwhelmed expectant parents could rely on, I was inspired! Not yet being a parent myself I couldn’t believe how this industry was being marketed. Bumps, cooing babies, heavy discounting and unattainable ‘boho-chic’ crowds the space with zero focus on the needs or concerns of the actual parent. Pair that with way too much choice (and opinions) leads to many expectant parents feeling jaded and confused by the whole process. We understood that our customer lives a busy life and expects the best, yet before the memo, when she became pregnant, all of a sudden she’s marketed to in a completely off putting way- the options are endless but unclear. Life is already changing so much, we wanted to deliver an experience that was feel good and left her feeling the same person - in control, just more invincible.

The best part is that it’s resonating. We love hearing from customers and people in our social community sharing that the memo is helping them feel good about this time in their lives. It’s what we’re all about. 


What are your biggest influences and what do you like most about each other?

Kate: We look outside the baby industry and look to beauty and fashion for ideas on brand, design, customer service and experience. We both also love listening to entrepreneurial podcasts such as Lady Brains and How I Built this and are obsessed with legend merchant Mickey Drexler. 

Phoebe’s energy and enthusiasm on everything she touches in her life is contagious and inspires everyone around her. I’ve never met anyone who understands brand and voice like she does and I thank my lucky stars everyday that she is my business partner. 

Phoebe: Kate is the most driven person I’ve ever met! Everything she does starts and ends with integrity and empathy and it makes working with her such a dream.

What’s one thing you wish you knew or figured out a little earlier (maybe something surprising and less discussed)?  

Kate: As a start up with limited resources, we tried to do everything ourselves. Obviously, that worked out well for brand, marketing, assortment planning and buying, because those were our specialities! But we learned very quickly that we are not experts in social advertising and web development! Once we started to lean on experts in these fields, the business started to really grow.


What do you think about Noonie? 

Kate: It’s just so clever! We love brands that put the parent front of mind and serve up solutions. Noonie are all about reducing the burden on mothers during such a transformational and intense time in their lives. The Padsicles are a mess-free, effortless option to postpartum care that feel good. 


Do you have tips on how to support other women going through challenges during pregnancy and postpartum? 

Kate: Ask for help! And if it’s not you who needs help, give it to your friends without being asked. Drop a meal off on their doorstep, take the baby for a walk for an hour to give your friends a rest, go around to do some washing.  It makes the world of difference. 


What are you MOST excited for in the next six months? 

Phoebe: growth! And good times. At the end of 2021, we will be launching our bespoke Gift Registry experience, which will make creating and shopping from a Gift Registry so much more effortless, minimising waste and streamlining the experience when people need it most.

Kate: Focusing on dominating in nursery and homewares and nailing our gifting offering for not only holidays, but as an ongoing offer to our community.