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True Stories From Real Mums

True Stories From Real Mums

So you’re pregnant or postpartum and you're really interested in hearing from real mums. The transition into motherhood is in a league of its own - so much to learn, so much to balance, so much to little time. We’ve had the pleasure of talking to women from all walks of life about their motherhood journeys, here are some highlights.

Real stories from real mums

1. Socialise

"I made an effort to make “mum-friends” by joining a local mother’s group. We would meet weekly and that was so lovely because being a new mum can be extremely isolating. That adult interaction is important” - Tracy

"Go out for coffee!!!! Lots of coffee and lunches and dinners! Newborns are the easiest age for you to still be able to socialise.Enjoy those long leisurely strolls and lazy lunches, it’s not only easy at that age it’s also good for the mind and soul to get out of the house and catch up with friends and family” - Phoebe


2. Trust yourself, embrace the change

"A baby (also) changes the priorities in a relationship, cause it’s meant to. The creation of life between two people is phenomenal, as is the devotion of adoption, and creates a beautiful lifelong relationship as parents. Be you, know who you are, prepare for the transformation and cherish the journey” - Loren

"As soon as I ditched those beliefs and opinions (which were not even my own), I was happier and so was my baby” - Tracy

"So much of social media portrays a perfect glowing image of pregnancy..My advice for other women is we all have different experiences and just because yours looks a bit different and you aren't enjoying it like you expected to doesn't mean you are ungrateful for it” - Teri


3. Mama First

"Absolutely look after yourself because you will be a better mum for it..Having a journal is a great way to support your gratitude practice and it focuses your attention on all the positives in your day and away from the mundane, hard parts. Your headspace is vital” - Tracy

"Mothers give everything to their babes: their bodies, their nutrients, their emotions. It’s far too easy to burn out, and leave your own cup empty. This is something I had to work…It’s not selfish to take time for yourself. In fact it’s the greatest gift you can give your family, because it recharges your soul, fills your cup and helps you be the best version of yourself” - Sara



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