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Ash London - Motherhood Journey

Ash London - Motherhood Journey

Next on our Motherhood Journey Q&A series is Ash London! Radio and podcast host Ash talks about about her journey to motherhood and why she's started her own podcast.

  Ash London

Tell us a bit about yourself and your new podcast and how pregnancy impacted that (all the good, bad and everything in between). 

I’m a radio host who wrapped up my radio show Ash London Live after 5 years, and am having my first baby this October! I knew I would go crazy twiddling my thumbs on maternity leave during a pandemic, so the podcast was my way of distracting myself from the impending arrival! It’s called ‘The Ash London Podcast’ and I’ve kicked it off with a series of interviews with amazing women of note who have become first time Mamas while on top of their game career wise. Everyone from Miranda Kerr to Tiff Hall. Hearing these amazing stories of resilience, passion and hard work has been super inspiring for me as I head into the next phase of life!


How are you finding your journey to motherhood? 

Equal parts terrifying and exciting. I’ve always wanted to be a mother and to be honest I don’t think it’s even sunk in that it’s about to happen in a couple of weeks. Being stuck at home for three months has given me so much time to meditate, think, prepare and read. I feel super empowered and super ready - fully aware of the fact that we’re never really ready at all!


What are you finding the most difficult to adapt to?  

The idea that I can’t just pop down to the beach whenever I feel like it. Ha! Apparently it takes a while to get out the door once you have a kid. I’ve lived a very charmed life for the past 35 years so that’s aaaaall about to change!

Ash London InstagramImage: Instagram @ash_london

What’s one thing you wish you knew or figured out a little earlier?

The most surprising thing has been how much love and support I’ve received from Mums - some I know and some who I don’t. You gain this incredible community of women who are ready to help out, encourage and pick you up when you’re sick, tired, exhausted during the first trimester. And how big my boobs would get so quickly. 


What will you be packing in your hospital bag? 

I did some research with my amazing instagram followers and apart from the stuff that everyone packs - the number one thing that people suggested was an extra long phone charger! And EVERY woman who gave birth vaginally has told me to bring a spray for my bits, so my Noonie cleanse and soothe spray is ready to go! Apart from that - lots of little luxuries - my favourite socks, silk pillow cases, robes. Things that will make me feel a little more human!

What are you MOST excited for in the next six months? 

I’m excited to expand my podcast to a couple times a week. But let’s be honest. I’m most excited about squeezing my baby’s butt cheeks! 

Ash London Instagram
Image: Instagram @ash_london         

What are the books, music and/or TV shows you're consuming to get through pregnancy?

WATCHING - Vigil on Foxtel, The Good Doctor, Million Dollar Listings LA, Escape to the Chateau DIY

READING - Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Juju Sundin's Birth Skills, City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert and Heartsick by Jessie Stephens

LISTENING TO - Australian Birth Stories podcast, and lots of Bill Withers!